Dank unseres fortschrittlichen Übersetzungsprojektmanagements können wir Ihre Projekte auch im Detail steuern und koordinieren und Ihrem Team den Stress und die Mühe abnehmen.

Wie managen wir ein Übersetzungsprojekt?

How to manage a translation project Basic guidelines and requirements Difference between localization and translation Core Object Technology dependency Quality standards Systmes and Tools Contractor - Translation manager Source files Define requirements Time, budget, cost analysis Tender or not? Acceptance criteria Project step Project meeting Specification Project assessment Requirements for delivery documents, format Workflow Systems Source file preparation Terminology Project Management Elements Identify key requirements and project specifications and track production processes Monitoring of the translation project preparation process Supplier Selection Distribution of translation project instructions Management scheduling and monitoring Management of communication with relevant parties Handling of feedback Translation Distribution Submission Receipt Corpus Creation Standards and Guidelines International European USA China ISO17100 Qualilty standard SAE J2450 Trranslaiton quality meetric ISO/TSS11669 LISA QA Model EN15038: 2006 ASTM F2527-01 ASTM F2575-6 GB/T 19363.1 GB/T19682 Basic Guidelines Accuracy Consistency Must avoid Content Terminology Style Formatting Normality Sensitivity Formatting Technical specifications Political Cultural Regulations Religion Readable Translation Agency - Project Manager Initiation Understanding Basic Information Client Requirements Project pre-processing Planning Project lifecycle Work breakdown structure (WBS) Changes management Define project details in initiation step Executing Monitoring Closing Final delivery Archiving During Trans Pre-trans Element After trans Agile Methodology ISO 17100: 2015 Contract Management Risk management Preparation Quality Assurance Specific Requirements Language Spell check Vocabulary Grammar Content Style Written or spoken language Positive or Negative Conform to the final audience Special provisions from customers Format Fonts, Images Punctuation Spaces Units of measure and currency Numbers Social context Avoid discrimination Consider geopolitical requirements Consider local customs Technology Translation memory eXchange Term-Base eXchange Segmentation rule eXchange Xml localization Interchange File format Purchasing Management Contract Method Fixed-price contracts Cost-reimbursable contracts Incentive or not Payment Term Warranty Translation memory Match Upddate creation Maintenance Term base Conversion Extraction ->Confirmation Maintenance Update Translation -> Confirmation Design Noise reduction processing Alignment Potential Problems Collection CAT tools and MT CAT TM Termbases Editor MT Google Bing Amazon / alibaba Deepl Yandex Baidu Adding plug-ins within CAT tools Terminology management Background Document Type User story Purpose Creation Maintenance Language assets management Quality improvment Closing Archiving Language assets management Writing/Copywriting Scope Features Standards Desktop Publishing (DTP) MS office Adobe suits General rule Others Content Management System (CMS) Scope Features Translation management systme Design Principles Conversion between CAT tools Quality Assuance system Others Case Study TMS on Market Contact us for more details Contact us

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