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One good turn deserves another

The relationship between DECHN and SLH is like colleagues, every month they send us interesting projects with few words: “Hi, New job – pls translate to SC TC JP”. They do not worry whether I’ll understand their messages, or if I’ll reply promptly to emails or phone calls. They depend on a job done right the first time and delivered on time every time. Better communication and dependable service result in fewer delays, mistakes, and oversights, and ultimately, in more translation value. 

Projects highlights

Fixed team, consistent quality

We have two teams for SLH, one for translation and another for proofreading. Thanks to SLH's trust, there are few rush jobs, so we can spend more time on improving the quality of translation.

Creative Translation

For the marketing materials, the client wanted us to take a top creative approach and provide a creatively adapted translated copy. It's not necessary to follow source text word by word, but rather give the translation a creative touch, where you deviate from the source in terms of wording and sentence structure to end up with a creative, vibrant and alluring translated copy.

Why choose us

Only an end-to-end best-practice approach delivers premium translation quality


Guaranteed Quality

Thanks to our advanced QA process, we support our customers with high-quality translation services. And that’s not all: we provide a free comprehensive translation review if you happen to be unsatisfied


Agile Management

We implement an agile project management approach to ensure timely communication during the process. So, all the questions from both linguists and clients can be solved before delivery.


On-time Delivery

We will confirm your desired delivery time before starting, and ensure on-time delivery. Plus, in the unlikely event we miss a deadline, we will refund the translation up to its full cost!


Pay After Delivery

Whether you are a company or an individual, we implement a Pay After Delivery strategy with an attitude of trust in our customers. You can pay within five days after receiving your translation delivery.

Quick Response
60 minutes!


How we work

Only an end-to-end best-practice approach delivers premium translation quality



Identify requirements, define delivery criteria and payment term (contract and confidentiality agreement), initiate projects.



Build language team based on project details



Refine project elements, confirm delivery milestone, create style guides, terminology, translation memory, and pre-process source materials.



Batch delivery and agile management to ensure smooth workflow


Quality Assurance

Technical support, real-time monitoring and continuous communication



Final delivery, quality evaluation, project archiving, and language assets management.

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