Rapid Translation

A swift, value-for-money service carried out by a professional translator. Includes an additional quality assurance check.


  • The quick, professional translation that can be scaled up if you have a particularly tight deadline
  • Value-for-money
  • Project Management included
  • Professional, qualified mother-tongue translator
  • Client review cycle

Basic Translation

Balancing price and quality, our Basic translation service is carried out by a qualified, sector-experienced translator and includes two in-built quality assurance cycles. This service may not always achieve the impactful style you are looking for when applied to high-level, complex subject matters, or where style and on-brand messaging is crucial. Consider upgrading to Premium to match this quality. You can also always send the whole document or sections of it to us for an upgrade.


  • A professional, highly qualified mother-tongue translator
  • Terminology research
  • Integral proofread
  • Project Management included
  • Two client review cycles

Premium Translation

Premium translation service is our most popular service level. Designed for business-critical translations that will drive decisions, it includes extra quality assurance cycles to guarantee superior translation quality.


  • Professional, highly qualified mother-tongue translator
  • Professional, highly qualified mother-tongue editor/reviewer
  • Terminology research to ensure specificity
  • Accuracy, guaranteed: Advanced QA and integral proofread are included
  • Full Project Management
  • Three client review cycles

Creative Translation

A successful marketing is rooted in cultural context, societal mores, and background information. Transcreation (Creative Translation) involves taking your message in one language and rewriting the content so that it has the same emotional impact and meaning in the target language.

DECHN is skilled at reimagining and recreating your content so that it reads as though it was originally crafted in the target language.


  • Professional, highly qualified mother-tongue translator
  • Professional, highly qualified mother-tongue editor/reviewer
  • Professional, highly qualified mother-tongue copywriter
  • Terminology research to ensure specificity
  • Real-time communication and discussion
  • Full Project Management
  • Three client review cycles

Machine Translation

MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) is the ideal solution for a speedy translation turnaround with human-guaranteed accuracy.

A human linguist reviews the content produced by our AI-powered machine and edits any unnatural-sounding elements or errors, such as syntax, grammar and terminology, to ensure the highest-quality output.


● Translating content quickly to get a general understanding of information.
● Increasing productivity of human translators by providing a first-pass translation that can be quickly edited by a human in a process called post-editing.
● Translating instant, volume-heavy content such as chat, email or customer support communications.
● For translating content when budget and turnaround are the most important factors.



CAT tools

We can’t stress enough the benefits of using a CAT tool. CAT stands for computer-assisted translation, and it is different from machine translation. Machine translation, or MT, is just what it sounds like: a computer does the translating rather than a human brain. MT has come a long way since the early days of Google Translate, but we believe that nothing is quite like the human touch. This is where computer-assisted translation comes in. A person is always in charge, but the software’s capabilities allow the translator to work more efficiently.


  • Translation Memory and Termbases
  • Export for External Review
  • Manipulating Challenging File Types, e,g: Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, HTML, SRT files

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