Multilingual DTP

You’ve spent weeks – possibly months – getting the layout of your company literature or technical manuals right. However, when you translate into another language, you need to consider whether the text will expand or contract, for exmaple:  when translating English to Chinese, text can expand by up to 50%. Meanwhile, English to Finnish can contract by up to 30%. Whereas in Arabic, text reads right to left, meaning everything shifts over to the right.

This can have a huge impact on design. What this means is that you need to consider the layout of your documents, to ensure impact and readability. And that’s where Multilingual DTP services come in.

That’s where DTP services come. We have multilingual DTP specialists on hand to work with our translation team. Their job is to ensure your translated content looks as good as it did in the original language, and reads just as impact fully. We aim to get your documents to a stage where they are print-ready.

Our DTP services can be used for:

• Magazines
• Company newsletters
• Brochures
• Catalogs
• Newspapers
• User-manuals
• Books
• Pamphlets
• Annual reports
• Flyers

We use Macs and PCs and work with:

• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Frame Maker
• Quark Xpress
• AutoCAD
• MS Office


Our highly skilled designers are used to working closely with professional linguists, to address any idiosyncrasies and communicate your message in its correct cultural context. We’ve worked on DTP projects for a variety of clients, from yacht brochures to really technical manuals for manufacturers of power tools.

What really sets us apart is our experience in localization and the full-service approach. We will discuss with you the appropriateness of images and layouts for specific markets. And for some projects we have dealt directly with printers, who aren’t always used to working with documents in different multilingual formats, such as Arabic brochures which read right to left.

Your translated text can be delivered in almost any PC or Mac format.

Multilingual Subtitling

We are skilled at Asian languages Subtitling services, both our linguists and our engineers will give our customers complete flexibility in font-size, color, shadows, border or background. Furthermore, we provide subtitling services for any type of videos. The most common are corporate presentation videos, promotional and charity videos, short films and documentaries.

Generally speaking, you can differentiate between two types. The first type is subtitles in the same language as the audio, also known as captions, who support deaf people or people with hearing problems in understanding the audio. The second type is subtitle, which are in a different language as recorded on the soundtrack. For both types, you can either choose to send your transcription to us or ask us to provide you with one to start the subtitling workflow.


Transcription services involve converting live or recorded speeches into a written format. Our team of skilled and experienced foreign language professionals can work with any file type to produce transcriptions for a wide variety of industries, including law, medicine, research and more in any language.

We extend our transcription services to image, audio, video and multimedia projects, however, to receive these files back with the accurate transcription, you’ll also need a time coded transcription.

This is essential when you require a foreign language voice-over recorded for a video, especially for languages such as Russian or Arabic, where the voice-over will be roughly 30% longer than if it were recorded in English. Consequently, the transcription will need to be adjusted during the translation to ensure the timings are correct.

Multilingual Voice-over

The pace, style and tone of each voice-over is different for every type of project, some of our clients will require broadcast trained voice-over artists for commercials, whilst others require a professional soft voice with warm tones for child-friendly E-learning projects.

Many clients wish to select from our semi-professional database, where we can offer extremely fast turnaround times and excellent rates.

We are skilled at Chinese voice-over recordings, our studio engineers will edit and arrange proofreading before uploading and forward the finished project in the required high quality digital format, usually mp3, wav or an aiff file.

If the voice-over project is mastered to video, distribution will normally match the original format, including video format, screen size and data rates, however, our engineers can encode digital outputs to all popular media formats and file sizes which the customer requires for final distribution, including mp4, avi or mov files.

Chinese voice-over

Just imagine, Mandarin has four basic tones and a fifth neutral one while Cantonese has six different tones in syllables, wouldn’t it be more efficient if you leverage on their skills via voice dubbing on your Chinese promotional videos?

The native speakers we collaborated speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese and are highly recommended by our clients. The team carries out the dubbing process in a professional recording studio using the latest dubbing and multimedia technologies. If you’re looking for the most accurate and professional Chinese dubbing services, you have come to the right page.

Together with our English to Chinese translation solutions, these voice-overs are the definitive solution for broadcast, corporate video, IVR and a multitude of other needs.

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Only an end-to-end best-practice approach delivers premium translation quality


Guaranteed Quality

Thanks to our advanced QA process, we support our customers with high-quality translation services. And that’s not all: we provide a free comprehensive translation review if you happen to be unsatisfied


Agile Management

We implement an agile project management approach to ensure timely communication during the process. So, all the questions from both linguists and clients can be solved before delivery.


On-time Delivery

We will confirm your desired delivery time before starting, and ensure on-time delivery. Plus, in the unlikely event we miss a deadline, we will refund the translation up to its full cost!


Pay After Delivery

Whether you are a company or an individual, we implement a Pay After Delivery strategy with an attitude of trust in our customers. You can pay within five days after receiving your translation delivery.

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