Ken has been helping us with translation services for the past six years. He is a breeze to work with – efficient, quick turnaround and always finding ways to satisfy our requirements. He is extremely service-oriented, understands the client’s needs and can be depended upon to deliver within the given time. On a personal front, Ken is a pleasant and caring person.

Juliana TanPR Director

“Our company had a unique deal set up with a German company. It was essential that our offer was read correctly and written in our intended language. DECHN’s German to Chinese Translations saved us, and we ended closing a multi-million deal. They are my go-to translation service if we have another similar…”

John RichmondSales Manager

“The document translation was done with such a great quality that it was contextualized to our industry needs. Thank you for the amazing work!”

Diana AdamsLocalization Manager

“Our team recently decided to expand our software for Chinese companies and needed it correctly translated and localized to ensure we didn’t culturally offend any company or individual. DECHN’s English to Chinese translation provided us with peace of mind that everything was correctly translated and that’s seen from our profits and sales.”

Alexander BrownCo-founder of Startup company

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Alex WindfreeMarketing Manager

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Diana RichardsBusiness Owner

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Thuong LeVietnamese Entrepreneurs